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School Groups: Visit, experience, learn!

A field trip to FlyOver Canada is a truly breathtaking aerial journey! School groups are able to soar across some of Canada’s most spectacular scenery and natural wonders with the latest in virtual flight ride technology. Wind, scents, and other amazing effects will make you feel like you are truly flying!

For group pricing, please contact us via the group inquiry form below.

Educational component

FlyOver Canada ties into a variety of prescribed learning outcomes within social studies classes throughout British Columbia. Show your students the different landscapes, seasons, social surroundings and cultural environments of Canada.

Educational Worksheets

To enhance your field trip experience FlyOver Canada has created worksheets appropriate for students Grade 3 to Grade 8. The worksheets focus on Canadian geography and include group work, math and problem solving to complete.

GRADE 3 TO GRADE 5: Students create their dream field trips across the country from scenes located in the FlyOver Canada film.

GRADE 6 TO GRADE 8: Students create a proposal to produce new content for the FlyOver Canada experience.

Chaperone Policy

FlyOver Canada’s chaperone* policy provides complimentary entry for chaperones for school groups. For groups with students 12 years old and under, our mandatory chaperone ratio is 6 students to one adult; this means for every six children, at least one chaperone must be present.

For groups with students 13 years and older, our mandatory chaperone ratio is 10 students to one adult.

FlyOver Canada will issue complimentary tickets in accordance with our minimum chaperone requirement. Additional adults accompanying the school group must pay our regular adult group rate.

Every school group is required to sign and adhere to our behaviour policy before their visit to FlyOver Canada. School groups that do not meet the expectations of our behaviour policy may be asked to leave our attraction and funds will not be returned.

For questions relating to our school groups feel free to contact us with the form below.

*FlyOver Canada’s definition of chaperone is any adult accompanying the school group. For example (but not exclusive to) parent, guardian, teacher, volunteer, supervisor, educational assistance, or school administrator


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